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Cisco Industrial Ethernet 2000 Series Switches


Important Features

Cisco Industrial Ethernet 2000 Series Switches are fixed platforms that deliver Layer 2 switching with proven Cisco IOS Software. Their extensive certifications, as well as a wide range in power supply voltage input and operation temperature, make them suitable for almost all industrial applications. They support IEEE 1588, Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), and PROFINET, among other industry protocols. Comprehensive features such as support for IEEE 802.1x, Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) snooping, and storm control offer superior security. Industrial Power over Ethernet and enhanced PoE makes it possible for the switches to directly connect to communication devices like IP cameras and IP phones.

These switches also offer:

  • Easy deployment, with zero-touch discovery using DHCP and an express setup with a swappable SD flash card
  • A user-friendly device manager, the Cisco Network Assistant, a Cisco Prime interface, and third-party management solutions
  • Resilience and fast network recovery with Flex Links, fast convergence with Cisco Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP), and simplified IP address management and deployment
  • Choose from two versions of the switches, depending on the industrial application and location:

  • A DIN-rail-mountable version, generally installed in a cabinet
  • An IP67-compliant wall-mountable version that does not require a cabinet

    Architectural Flexibility

  • Delivers high performance and density
  • Can be deployed in an energy-efficient traditional three-tier or leaf-spine architecture
  • Provides a highly flexible and scalable Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) multi-tenancy solution
  • Provides a foundation for Cisco ACI, automating application deployment and delivering simplicity, agility, and flexibility


  • Offers an open-object API programmable model for provisioning Layer 2 and 3 features
  • Provides extensibility through a Route Processor Module application package, Linux containers, and Broadcom and Linux shell access
  • Uses Cisco NX-OS API for easy-to-use web-based programmatic access
  • Simplifies infrastructure management through integration with DevOps automation tools


  • Provides up to 60 Tbps of nonblocking performance with less than 5-microsecond latency
  • Features up to 2304 10-Gbps, 576 40-Gbps, or 128 100-Gbps Layer 2 and Layer 3 Ethernet ports
  • Offers wire-speed gateway, bridging, routing, and Cisco Border Gateway Protocol Control Plane for Virtual Extensible LAN (BGP EVPN VXLAN)

    High Availability

  • Features software patching for continued operations
  • Has fully redundant and hot-swappable components
  • Improves reliability and performance with a mix of third-party and Cisco ASICs performance

    Energy Efficiency

  • Designed without a midplane to optimize airflow and reduce energy requirements
  • Optimized to run with fewer ASICs, resulting in lower energy use
  • Rated at 80 Plus Platinum in power supply efficiency

    Investment Protection

  • Allows for reuse of an existing 10 GE cabling plant for 40 GE with 40-Gbps bidirectional transceiver
  • Designed to support future ASIC generations
  • Supports Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extenders in both NX-OS and ACI modes
  • Facilitates migration from NX-OS mode to ACI mode